We Have Redesigned.

Oh my…

So here it is! The new improved Suklaa website!
We needed a better way of sharing all the great projects that we’ve worked on, all those photographs we’ve made and the people we’ve met on the way. A website that keeps growing with us, day by day. I believe we’re getting there. We’ve made it really easy for us to add content on the site, so as soon as we finish something we can share the results. It’s nice to finally be able to show really large photographs on the site. 600 px by 600 px just didn’t cut it anymore. These look really good (even if I do say so myself!), hopefully the next best to seeing them printed.

A few tit-bits about using the site:

We’re structuring it around the three main categories you can see on the front page; Media, Education and Blog. There’s often some overlap between media and education so we’ll do are best to keep them in the right categories. The blog is a space to talk about other things that are going on that more or less relate to what we do. I will most likely have some screencasts and tips how to make things and talk about techniques that I find useful. I’m also planning on doing a ‘making of’ write up of the Tapes video. If you want to keep up to date on what’s happening, grab our RSS feed by clicking here.

And the technical award goes to…

Although, the website itself is designed in-house, we do need to thank WordPress for providing the back-end. WordPress is a great blogging platform / CMS that is a joy to use. Sandbox is the theme used to provide framework and basis for our own custom design, so thanks to Andy and Scott for creating it!

One more thing

On the left you can see a few photographs from our recent trip to New Zealand (click to make them bigger). These and many others will be available to purchase from our forthcoming online store, Suklaa Editions. If you wish to be notified when this is ready, please click here to receive a notification email.

Stay tuned!



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