Our First iPhone App is Ready

We are super-happy to announce that our first iPhone app is now ready and in the App Store. At Suklaa we’re 100% Mac based and have been using iPhones since the day they came out here in the UK. Really, it was only a matter of time before we had to jump in! Although we don’t have cocoa development skills in-house, we didn’t let that stop us from scratching our itch. (Well, at least my itch). Yes, it’s running related and if you’re into this sort of thing (running 10k to marathon races) you’ll most likely find it useful. I’ve recently got really into running (have another marathon this week!) And it seems loads of other people love to run too. If you know some keen runners- please pass this on!

From the website:

Split Times is an iPhone app that allows you to quickly and easily generate split times for each kilometre or mile of your marathon, half-marathon or 10k race. Once you’ve inputed your time, you can view the results as text or send it to yourself as a PDF. The PDF can then be printed. It’s formatted so you can cut out a pace band to wear around your wrist during the race. This way you always know if you’re running too fast – or too slow – right through out the race.

You can find more information about it – including a screencast showing how it works – on the dedicated website at splittimesapp.com.

Keep on Runnin’