Startup Weekend EDU


I was very pleased to be asked to come and mentor at this past weekends Startup Weekend London EDU. Backed by NESTA, Virgin and StartUp Britain, this 54-hour event saw experts collaborate and develop innovative web and mobile apps focusing on education.

In the event, hosted by the games-based learning start-up Education Games Network, participants began by giving a 1 minute pitch of their idea and then they teamed up with others to take forward the most popular concepts.

I joined them on Saturday afternoon to help mentor and steer the groups. I was especially excited to about Now I Know It and a CV builder for teens that let’s them connect to local businesses and volunteer groups for work experience.

On Sunday night, after developing a prototype and detailed business plan, each team delivered a nerve-racking pitch to a ‘Dragon’s Den’ panel of judges including Pearson’s Stephen Fahey, NESTA’s Jon Kingsbury and Promethean’s Ian Curtis.

The winner was the excellent Night Zookeeper which is a creative environment for kids to share art and literacy. Well done to them!

These kinds of events are excellent for educators and developers to come up with new and exciting ideas together and also make them happen. I’m really looking forward to seeing which of the products make it further than this prototype stage!


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