Boing! Boing! Boing! It’s a Leap Year and Spring Has Sprung!

Optimistic I know, but the sun is in the sky in London and here at Suklaa in early 2012 we are feeling positive. We have spent time developing new partnerships and designing projects and programmes that fit our aspirations for the future of education.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of our exciting new projects:

Changing Spaces: Blue Sky Classrooms

Suklaa are partnering with William Edwards School to develop classroom spaces that are truly flexible and best fit the schools progressive attitude towards inclusive teaching and learning. We are just about to fit the first pilot classrooms and then we’ll let the staff and students loose for active feedback sessions. We will then go on to kit out all of the classrooms in the English and Maths departments. We can’t give too much away at this stage but lets just say the classrooms are playful, simple, have sliding walls, ipads and integrated technology! Watch this space.

International Relations: Flourish

As you may well know we are an international team here at Suklaa with British and Finnish colleagues working side by side in harmony(!) We are currently developing very exciting partnerships with: The Finnish Institute in London and Embassy of Finland, London and The British Council in Finland as well as many more great organisations in both countries. At a time when Finland is being celebrated for a great education model, it seems a fab time to collaborate. Flourish is a groundbreaking professional development programme for teachers from both countries to join forces and share the best teaching practice. Flourish will contain high calibre thinking from an international educational arena and encourage participants to build the future of education, collaboratively. We are envisaging that Flourish will be fully launched later in the spring and we’ll share details on how to apply to take part.

Education in the Round: Circumference

Suklaa are partnering with Whole Education and Roundhouse to develop a huge education event due to happen early 2013. We can’t share too much yet but it looks set to be a participant-driven game changer -involving teachers, students, business leaders and cultural institutions. To drop in another spherical reference- we’ll all have a ball!

If you’d like to get involved with any of these new programmes please get in touch!




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