Digital Footprints, Blue Skies and Orange Shoes

Since our new collaborator Dr Abhay Adhikari told Suklaa a few weeks ago that we’re much more informal and “fun” in real life than our website profile suggests, I’ve taken this as a license to ‘jazz it up.’

We’ve had an exciting time of it. Two wonderful days hosted by the Finnish Institute: In Teachers we Trust and Lessons from the North. This deserves a whole blog post to itself… but I’ll need to assimilate, revise my copious notes and then work on saying something terribly intelligent. (After all, I was educated in the UK) But while on the subject of Finland, our partnership with the Finnish Institute working on our professional development project Flourish, continues to gather pace. Jussi Nissilä from the Institute is in Helsinki this week, where we hope the project will develop and gather momentum. This week in London we’re meeting with Saku Tuominen from Idealist to chat around our Flourish ideas and other things we both have in the pipeline. He’s an exciting guy who’s done a lot and we’re very happy to have the opportunity to collaborate.

Our first Blue Sky Classroom at William Edwards is really shaping up. It feels like it’s been a long time in the planning and as you can see from the photograph, it’s not finished, but we do have a completion date and our first twilight session with staff booked. I can’t wait to see it up and running as the fully flexible learning environment that we envisioned. And as for kids writing all over the walls… bring it on!

Switched on Schools in collaboration with Abhay, has it’s first booking. We’ll be working with Wroxham Transformative Learning Alliance. The inspirational Alison Peacock has invited us to run this training session for teachers in June. We want to offer a fresh perspective on internet profiles, social media and online interaction both in and out of the classroom. Bookings to open shortly..

And finally, we’re delighted to have been awarded the contract to organise the London Festival of Education which will happen on Saturday 17th November 2012 at the Institute of Education. This collaboration between the IoE, ARK Schools and TES, has terrific vision and we’re truly excited by the challenges of bringing an event of this size together. At the interview, I wore my orange shoes and got told off by Darina within the first five minutes for being over familiar. She rolled her eyes when I threw in my lucky interview word (which is “yonder” just incase you were wondering) and she shook her head when the conversation flow meant that everyone had to stop to look under the table at said shoes. I’m sure we’ll manage to imbue the same sense of “fun” in the event as we did in the interview!




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