WES Planner – Rethinking How Lessons Are Planned

Those lucky William Edwards teachers. They can now plan their lessons on an iPad, organise their weeks and months ahead, print their lesson plans, send them to colleagues to use or ask them for feedback. Put simply; they’ve re-thought how they plan.

In mid-May Steve Munday, the Head Teacher of William Edwards, got in touch saying they wanted a planning tool that suited they way they’d like to work.

What Suklaa did: We took the brief and basically started by clarifying and distilling the app to ‘what it really needs to do’.

We then took the spec of the app and designed an interface, focusing on simplicity.

Once the spec was approved by the school, we contacted a number of developers for quotes. While getting quotes and feedback from the developers we were able to further refine the spec sheet and screen mockups. We ended up going with Alex Kent, an iOS developer whose originally from the UK but now lives in Stockholm. He’s experience as a university senior lecturer was very helpful as he understood a lot of the needs of an educational establishment.

During the development of the app, we kept up with how it was  going; communicating between the school and Alex, helping decide on how certain features were to be implemented in the final product.

Roughly four weeks after the developer was commissioned, the app is now ready. In fact, the school have just today handed out iPads to every single teacher fully loaded with a selection of different apps and their very own WES Planner.

If your school or organisation has a great idea for an app, do get in touch. We can help you make it happen.


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2 Responses to “WES Planner – Rethinking How Lessons Are Planned”

  1. Breanainn 07/07/2012 at 09:36 #

    Hi Kristian,

    This app sounds really interesting. I just looked for it in the app store but couldn’t find it. Is it only for WES teachers at the moment?


    • Kristian 07/07/2012 at 13:34 #

      The app isn’t yet in the App Store but it will be at somepoint in the near future. I’ll update the post when it’s there.

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