August update

Well, we can’t deny that the last few months have been eventful. I returned to work after a month of compassionate leave to a flurry of activity with the London Festival of Education. Things are coming together and in typical Suklaa style we are keeping contributors as diverse as possible. The original aspiration to keep the mix cool and controversial seems to be shaping and we’ve worked very hard to ensure the day will be as participatory and inspirational as possible. Have a look at our contributors, buy your tickets and tweet us with your ideas at

Blue Sky Classrooms don’t seem to have a rain cloud in sight. We said to William Edwards that we would have 16 (all maths and english) completed by Christmas. It looks like the project is well ahead of schedule with 20 classrooms due to be completed for the beginning of this term. William Edwards have been fantastic to collaborate with and we’re lucky to be working with such broad minded and inspirational leaders. We’re very excited about the possibilities ahead with Blue Sky. Please get in touch if you’d like to know how we can help your school.

We have moved offices and felt quite proud of ourselves that we did so without really skipping a beat. No one in the outside world knew that there was dust on top of the printer and we’ve been working off makeshift desks whilst we got ourselves organised. We know where everything is again and have plans written all over our walls.

Finally, we have said a fond goodbye to lovely Rachel, who starts her teacher training in September. Three faithful years with Suklaa and she’ll be greatly missed by us all. But onward and upwards into the new term, the new challenges and the new opportunities ahead.

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