Just when we thought he wasn’t for turning….

William Edward's School Head Teacher Steve Munday presenting Blue Sky Classrooms at BETT with Suklaa's Claudia Barwell.

William Edward’s School Head Teacher Steve Munday presenting Blue Sky Classrooms at BETT with Suklaa’s Claudia Barwell.

Interesting times for education.  On a day when EBCs are shelved and it appears that Mr Gove has listened to the enormous noise from the education community – here at Suklaa we feel hope in our hearts for the future.  But we’re known for our positivity..

BETTer the devil you know

Anyone who was at BETT last week will know it was full-on!  We were really happy to have been invited by Tony Parkin (the disruptive nostalgist himself) to present out Blue Sky Classrooms in his theatre for innovation.  Working alongside our friends at William Edwards School we were delighted with the interest around Blue Sky and the ongoing enthusiasm for the design.  William Edwards were the only school with their own stand at BETT – promoting their teachers planning app, WES Planner, which Suklaa helped to design.  BETT was a great way for them to share their innovative practice.  It was a busy week – we spoke to plenty of folk, made some lovely connections and drank a lot of coffee.

This week in Suklaa..

On Tuesday we attended the launch of  ‘Learning a Living: Radical Innovation in Education for Work‘ which has hosted at NESTA.  Attendees lined up like a “who’s who” in education in the UK and the conversation around equipping children for the world of work was rich and stimulating. Well done to Valarie Hannon, the Innovation Unit, WISE and NESTA on a beautiful and highly relevant book.  (excellent panelists too!)

We also want to give a shout out to those fabulous folks at Teaching Leaders.  Their annual conference on the 20th April looks set to be an inspirational day.  Check them out if you haven’t heard about them.. they’re growing ‘a movement of outstanding middle leaders in schools in challenging contexts’.

Springtime 2014- Let’s go to Helsinki

We now have our heads down and are putting together a plan for our learning festival in Finland next year.  Working closely with the Finnish Institute, we have high hopes for this to be a truly international affair and an opportunity to share best practice globally. If you have any ‘must-includes’ let us know as we’re in the midst of our planning stage.

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