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“I bloody loved this festival. I loved the enthusiasm, and the palpable sense that we could make the future a better place for children. It hummed with kindness and optimism – and the spirit of collaboration and ambition pervaded the entire event. You get the idea: it was VERY GROOVY, BABY”

“Congratulations on a very successful event and I am sure by gathering together so many people with a passion and expertise in learning that many good ideas were shared and will develop further in the months to come.”

“If Suklaa had innovation at the heart of their festival agenda, they certainly ignited my curiosity. You know you’ve had a life changing face-to-face experience when you want to share the learning with everyone who missed out.”

“Congratulations! You built a community, pushed peoples’ thinking and gave everyone a sense of shared values and vision. Suklaa have staked their ground as the global education festival organising masters!”

“We’ve noticed many additional benefits we didn’t expect: An atmosphere in the classroom where anything is possible and active learning is commonplace. Students feel empowered about their learning and behaviour and engagement have improved. We Strongly recommend working with Suklaa”

“I wanted to write to thank you for your contribution to making the first London Festival of Education so successful.  Your success in building a fabulous range of contributors and your creative eye in shaping the look of the festival were both critical to making a  day which – as someone said at the end of the day – was like no other. Thank you – and enjoy the feeling of a success!”